Hero vs. House of Flying Daggers



Two magnificently lush martial arts movies... this is a hard choice.

I highly enjoy both, but 'Hero' is a masterpiece with flawless scene leading into flawless scene.


I was waiting for this! For me, it's House of Flying Daggers; one of the most beautiful movies ever, with some stunning action sequences involving bamboo -- doesn't get much better than that, lol.

House of Flying Daggers used too much CGI and was so overly dramatic that it became comical. Hero was darn close to a masterpiece.

A couple of Fredo movies here. Weak. Stupid. I guess they look pretty and there's some acceptable action, so at least there's that.

Both great examples of what Zhang Yimou can do with wuxia. Both are gorgeous, but I thought Hero was a bit drawn out and slow in a lot of places. Tony Leung is incredible, as is the underlying story, but the execution is just a bit soft and distant. House of Flying Daggers was more satisfying on almost every level, with stellar acting all around, and the violence felt more real and visceral at key moments. True, the storyline reaches truly ridiculous heights of melodrama, but what can I say? You're either down with that or you aren't. It's a favorite of mine.

I'm with Cleckley on this one. They don't succeed as action films if you've ever actually sat down and watched a martial arts movie before. I don't like the message Hero sends and House of Flying Daggers didn't do a whole lot for me. I don't hate either one of these, but Zhang Yimou's definitely done better. I'll give it to Hero, despite its message being off, because at least it's got the Li/Yen fight going for it.

These are both great martial arts films. I chose Hero

Both are somewhat style over substance flicks but Hero has an actual plot that keeps you invested as opposed to House of Flying Dagger's contrived, superficial story.