The Wizard of Oz vs. Toy Story



Both are near and dear to me; "Toy Story" showed me that the magic of "Oz" could still be found in a movie. But ultimately, I have to go with "Oz" not only for being so iconic, but for improving on Baum's story.

As amazing as it was to see a computer animated movie top so many regular live action movies in story and heart, nothing will come close to falling in love with the character from Wizard. Plus nothing has come close to that moment when Dorthy moves from her sepia toned world to a world full of color and wonder.

This is one time Buzz Lightyear cant come to the rescue

I'll take Andy's gang over Dorthy's any day...

Man, they're both revolutionary. Gosh. But I think Toy Story gets this for making me cry even now that I'm well past the target audience age... it's a relic of my childhood that absolutely grew up with me, and I think that's powerful given that that's the theme of the series.

toy story's story pushes it across the line

Toy Story by a landslide. Toy Story is a masterpiece, ringing laughs, tears, and a great story out of its intriguing premise. And while Wizard of Oz is a likeable films, I'm amazed at how many people prize it as a perfect film. It has so many flaws and story problems, not to mention pacing issues galore. I like Wizard of Oz, but it's beat in every respect by Toy Story.

Top 20 I'll choose Toy Story but The Wizard of Oz is still amazing

Two of some of the best children's film's around. I love both, I think time will tell but I like The Wizard of Oz more right now.

Oz is to me what TS is to many here: My first movie love. Oz was the one movie as a child that I saw from beginning to end without falling asleep. It was fascinating. TS is great, but my nostalgia with Oz is insurmountable.

TS is a very good animated movie but Oz is a classic

Wizard of Oz by a lot for me