The Wizard of Oz vs. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs



Shocked that no one has commented on this match-up yet. The cinematic influence of these two films, released only two years apart, cannot be underestimated. Snow White set the stage for Oz, too; in fact, at one point the filmmakers were considering making the Wicked Witch of the West (then played by Gale Sondergaard) glamorously beautiful a la the evil queen in Snow White. Thankfully that didn't happen. Anyway, these were fundamental movies for me during my childhood. They're both visually beautiful, with great music and humorous elements. One thing makes this easy for me, and that is the singing: Judy Garland beats out Adriana Caselotti (the voice of Snow White) by a long shot. Oz it is.

Agreed. The Wizard of Oz has the stronger heroine by far. The evil queen and the seven dwarfs are the most memorable characters in all of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White herself is memorably animated, but was written more as a cipher. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is surrounded by several fantastical beings that could easily steal her spotlight, but Judy Garland gives her a dynamic weight that keeps her front and center and makes her unforgettable.

These are two "classics" that never did anything for me. I just never understood the thrill of Wizard of Oz. And Snow White may have been the first Disney animated feature, but almost all the ones that followed it up were improvements.

I'll take Snow White any day.

The Wizard of Oz. Flying monkeys, people. Flying. Monkeys!

The Wizard of Oz by far.

"I'll Get you my pretty. and your little dog too"

Bah...not a fan of either, but it's probably the Wizard with the "W" here...

Both are amazing films that have changed the art of film making, but the story and characters are stronger in Oz.

Love them both they are amazing for their time, but Disney wins! Heigh ho!

Snow White is a masterpiece of animation. Very few modern animated films capture the same essence of a fairy tale like Snow White. The Wizard of Oz is obviously a classic, but the charm and craftsmanship of Snow White cannot be ignored.

Jiminy Crickets.

Oz is clearly the better movie.