Before Sunrise vs. Before Sunset



Both, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are very good, pleasant and very romantic, but personally, I prefer Before Sunrise, is more magic in it.

I feel like they are pretty similar but I'm going with Sunrise because it was more of a surprise. I was expecting a little more from Sunset.

What a hilarious duo

Sunset for me. It's much more poignant and god I love the ending.

Can't fucking remember.

Tough one.. I think Sunset wins it though

I love them both, but Sunset is just more realistic in its depiction of pain and love. I was excited to see it get 2 votes in the most recent 2012 Sight & Sound poll. I'm also excited to hear today that Before Midnight, the 3rd film that is coming out next year, has finished principal photography. Can't wait to see it.

Sunrise. I think the idea of these two individuals being younger and more naive coupled with the bitter-sweet ending sells the original. Also, I prefer the night time setting.

Sunset. What I love about these films is that I've grown with them. Sunrise, with it's bittersweet and brash "we know what's smartest" ending was exactly what i needed. Now, as i've matured, reality hasn't changed but my preception, like the characters, has.


Two of my absolute favorite films. Since I have to pick one, I'll go with "Before Sunset" due to the greater, more complex emotional stakes. Also, while neither ending could possibly be better, "Before Sunrise" ends with just the question of what will happen to Jessie and Celine, whereas "Before Sunset" goes beyond that question to include both what will happen to others we have never met and how we can reconcile "the happy ending" with those consequences. It's one of the most modern and ironic of happy endings and it just feels so damn good.

They both kind of work as one journey, both are great, but I'll go with the original.

I really enjoy both of these films but I gotta go with "Before Sunset" as the one I like most out of the two. It has a tighter pace, has plenty of emotional and funny moments, and goes by in a flash. I also really liked the ending.

Before Sunset is slightly better in my opinion, and it's ending scene is just pure bliss.

I'll take Sunset.. Sunrise is probably the weakest of the trilogy.

Just watched both for the first time today (and will be watching Midnight soon) and I loved both of them. The ending of Sunset is indeed beautiful, but Sunrise was indeed more magical for me.

Sunrise is beautiful,and sunset is a mix between sad,happy and beautiful,they kinda complete one another,so for me they're both awesome

Before Sunset is a bit more of a downer, since the two main characters are so much more jaded than before. For that, I slightly prefer the first one.

You should watch them in order, but Before Sunset is the better film. It can stand alone since they talk about what happened in the first movie throughout the film, but the 2nd one is so much better if you have seen the first one.