The Artist vs. The Tree of Life



The two "silent movies" this year. Tree takes the cake of pretentiousness and eats it, before it makes us watch the cake's entire journey from the making of its ingredients to it exits the body.

Great year for movies! This just goes to show that we don't need huge blockbusters to make it a great movie year.

The Artist was pleasant and totally forgettable. The Tree of Life was absolutely stunning and a film I will return to many times.

What SnakeEyes said. The Artist was nice enough, but it vacated my mind pretty quickly. The Tree of Life is something that I'll always cherish.

Love both of these. The Tree of Life takes it.

Tree of Life. Not sure how The Artist won Best Picture...and I never will....

The Artist won best picture because it DESERVED to win best picture. A wonderful film in every way.

Hmm... Flawless vs flawed. That's a tough one.

The Artist should not have won Best Picture in my opinion. The Tree of Life should have won.