The Artist vs. Hugo



It's so hard to pick between these two because both are so great. If I were an Oscar voter though, I would be in the same position. Both love old movies dearly, but as of right now, my pick remains The Artist, although this is one matchup that could change sides from time to time, like the orbit of Neptune and Pluto used to be when Pluto was considered a planet.

I found Hugo more enjoyable, but loved them both. My two favorites of the year.

Both films are some of the best of the year but I'll have to pick The Artist.

Both are terrific, but for whatever reason, HUGO resonated much more with me. Somehow the themes of childhood abandonment and the appreciation of film mixed in a meaningful way. Leave it to Scorcese to make such a unique children's film. I'm glad I took the time to see the ARTIST in the theatre; it's an acheivement, but not deserving of Best Picture in my opinion. My pick is HUGO.

Both Hugo and The Artist tell the story about the cinema. I found Hugo more enjoyable because it reminded me of why I watch movies.

Both The Artist and Hugo were delightful, but Hugo wins by a very tiny amount.

Both superb movies with cinema as its subject, but The Artist is the better film. So delightful.

Hugo, it's the better film, both great movies but Hugo had more heart, charm and was a better story, not only that it pushed the boundaries of filming technology while being an ode to old cinema. if he actually killed himself in the Artist it would have blown me away by being an amazing analysis of the rise and fall of Hollywood stardom but the went for the happy ending and that stopped the Artist from reaching it's potential.

The Artist is more broadly appealing, but Hugo feels much more magical. The Artist is very, very good, but Hugo is one of the greatest films ever made.

This is a really good one. I wasn't thrilled by either of these, but I thought they were both decent upon my first viewing. However, "The Artist" seems to get worse every time I stop to think about it. Hugo is...fine. It's not even close to being horrible, but it's not a revelation either. I'll give it the win here.

Two just massive disappointments to me. If "The Artist" was the best picture last year, well...yikes. Hugo was an absolute bore. It gets a ton of love on this site...but not from me. Guess I gotta go with the default here...

Loved both, The Artist takes it for me.

Didn't really care for either one honestly, but if I had to pick one I'd go with Hugo. The Artist looses a lot in it's steadfast decision to avoid talking.

The Artist was fantastic throughout. Hugo was mediocre until it decided what it wanted to be, at the end of the second act.

I understand the Academy's choice, picking a movie by a French director praising American films rather than an American director praising French films. The only thing that really makes The Artist stand out though in reality is when it was made and released. If you shove it back into the time period other films of its caliber were made, it's nothing special. Hugo was a visual delight and a wonderful experience, whether it's in 2011 or the first half of the 1900s. It had a lot more themes and elements than what The Artist pulled out, and overall it felt a little more fulfilling.

"The Artist" is to "Hugo" what "Citizen Kane" is to "The Wizard of Oz".

I love both these movies the artist is really well made filled with great lead performance and recreates the silent era beautifully. Hugo though not blotted by awesome performances has heart in it .It is more emotional.At the end hugo edges out the artist but it is really close . But i was happy that the artist won oscars :-)

I didn't care for Hugo, and The Artist did more for movies than Hugo, so The Artist wins easily

I shouldn't say "easily"; I'll give Hugo another viewing

I take it back. I just gave Hugo another viewing and it is much better than The Artist