Moulin Rouge vs. Titanic



Titanic. Not a huge fan. I just hate Moulin Rouge. It's like listening to Barney do pop songs with an 80's rock video backdrop.

Rather easy win for Moulin Rouge here

Don't both these movies involve a romance that a guy with a gun tries to break up at the end? I haven't watched Moulin Rouge in years, but I recall a guy with a gun attempting to intervene in Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman's love affair. I know Billy Zane is the guy with the gun in Titanic. Not that it matters, really. Both movies get on my nerves, but Moulin Rouge is by far the more irritating of the two. Yeah, both flicks have the cliched tragic romance thing going on, but Moulin Rouge is garish and obnoxious beyond endurance. At least DiCaprio and Winslet are somewhat likable in Titanic, but I just hated everybody in Moulin Rouge.

I just don't like musicals in general. Chicago's pretty good, but beyond that...


I prefer the energetic musical extravaganza of Moulin Rouge. I admire Titanic as well.

no comment.of course titanic

too difficult...

Too Easy! I did this matchup with some friends and nearly everyone says Titanic so I will say the same!

both films have a similar story and similar characters but Moulin rouge does it better

Titanic. Moulin Rouge gives me a headache. That's right, the sinking ship and icy water death is a calmer movie to watch.

Titanic is the masterpiece here.

Give me Moulin Rouge. I hate Titanic.