Aquaman vs. Avengers: Infinity War



Oh lord. Absolute garbage from DCEU vs. A great, but not a masterpiece, movie from the MCU. DC Superheroes were never all that interesting for me, so you'd need to make a great movie about those guys if you want me to like it. Aquaman was a plotless cliché ride with no characters or emotional depth, so yeah that's no masterpiece. Infinity War was pretty great despite having a lot of flaws. In fact, except for Ant-Man and the Wasp which I still didn't saw (but I think I should), I think it's the only good superhero movie this year.

Infinity War for sure, Aquaman is abdolute instant garbage.

Aquaman was amazing and had better visual effects and cinematography.

Aquaman is a complete film. Infinity War is incoherent trash.

Aquaman is a more complete story, that’s true. But it’s also a bland and dumb mess where the hero seems completely disinterested. I prefer the DC heroes over Marvel but Aquaman has never excited me. Marvel movies have become better than DC, we all know that, although DC has Arrow seasons 1, 2, 5 and 7 while Marvel shows are being cancelled every week. Anyway, Infinity War is pretty overrated but it’s still a fun spectacle.

Aquaman sucks garbage, Infinity War is far amazing.

Aquaman sucks garbage, Infinity War is far amazing.

Aquaman sucks garbage, Infinity War is far amazing.

Aquaman was way better.

Infinity War was Michael Bay transformers level bad.

Aquaman was a visual feast

Aquaman was unlike any superhero movie

Infinity War was garbage.

Aquaman is a complete movie. Infinity war is mediocre incoherent trash.

Infinity war was boring. Aquaman is extremely rewatchable.

Aquaman is garbage, Infinity War hands down.

Aquaman is boring garbage, Infinity War crushes here.

Both aren't great but Infinity War made more sense than Aquaman and wasn't tone deaf.

I hate it when people act like little nitwits. That being said, I actually enjoyed Aquaman much more, and I didn't expect that.

Aquaman is dogshit crap boring garbage, Infinity War is far best watchable.

Aquaman is boring garbage dogshit ridiculous piece of stupid garbage.

@Drogon24 is stupid fucker asshole.

Infinity War isn't garbage neither isn't Michael's Bay's bad level movie, it's far the best movie of the year.

Aquaman is garbage dogshit crap.

I dislike both but Aquaman is much more of a mess

Infinity War crushes here and most everywhere.

Infinity War is definitely the best film of 2018, aquaman is an unwatchable to one of miserable dceu failure films ever.

Infinity war obviously but lmao at CX spamming

Aquaman is fun but Infinity war is clearly the better film.