Aquaman vs. Thor



Aquaman just premiered here on Brazil, and... god, was it awful. It starts pretty well, but it just went downhill from there. It's a disjointed uninteresting mess. It's loosely structured, and it's filled with a lot of awful clichés, oh lord. It was plotless, and I felt like it was made up all of nothing but clichés. I don't like Thor, but I'd take the weakest Marvel movie over Aquaman, so yeah, it wins here.

I kind of love and hate Aquaman at the same time. It's terribly overlong, there is exposition everywhere you look, digitally de-aged Willem Dafoe is the stuff nightmares are made of, and apparently Pitbull felt obliged to ruin a perfectly fine Toto song...but oh my GOD is there so much cheese and dear lord is all of it delicious. You've got Patrick Wilson having the time of his life as the villain, and practically every line that comes out of his mouth is immediately followed by dun dun DUUNNNNN which is amazing, you've even got an octopus playing the drums while two men prepare for their underwater arena trident fight while Amber Heard in a jellyfish dress watches them. How can you not love that?! Plus that finale was huge, practically Star Wars underwater and done extremely well. It's EASILY better than the first and the second Thor, it had some really fun moments. The first Thor is way too tame and blegh in comparison, it's one of the worst in the MCU.

Aquaman is so cheesy bad that it hurts. Literally. Thor by a landslide.

Thor was boring.

Aquaman is more visually stunning, has more heart and way superior to Thor.

Aquaman wins. But damn, the Africa cover was painful.

Thor is so much better that it's painful to think anyone would vote for the mindless colorfart of Aquaman.

Thor wins easily, Aquaman is garbage.

Thor is at least five times the better movie. Aquaman may not be as bad as BvS or Justice League but it still isn't exactly a good movie.

Thor: Ragnarok is the only Thor movie really worth seeing, the first one is "okay" but has dated very quickly, and the second one is completely forgettable. Aquaman is by no means special except for its stunning visuals, but it still beats the first Thor.

Thor is how you make an intelligent fun movie. Aquadude is one laughable video game cut scene.

Thor destroys Aquaman

Thor. It has a far better story and a far better villain. MCU will always be above dceu tbh.

Thor. It has a far better story and a far better villain. MCU will always be above dceu tbh.

both films are just average to me but aquaman is just a little bit better than thor

Thor is easily the remarkable unique films that recall, aquaman is a movie that doesn’t call.

Thor is pretty underrated but I'll take Aquaman

i changed my mind thor is way better

aquaman is underrated and way better than thor

yikes i change my mind again aquaman stomps, it's so much fun

Aquaman for being bigger and more bonkers

Thor's idea for a movie was to take this sci fi fantasy warrior hero and depower him for most of the movie and stick him in a small town. Aquaman's idea for a movie was to take this sci fi fantasy warrior hero and hurl him into breathtaking battle sequences reminiscent of a beautiful fusion of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. It isn't hard to see why one is getting far more attention than the other