Aquaman vs. Justice League



While I enjoyed Justice League, I feel that Aquaman has a stronger story and I like his character better in his solo movie.

Aquaman easy

aquaman, is this even a competition

Justice League is just the worst. I wish it had half of Aquaman's imagination and fun.

Justice League IS indeed just the worst. But, Aquaman isn't that much better. Dark stupidity versus cheeseball shlock.

While Aquaman is a mediocre run-of-the-mill stock epic mythology superhero film, we do get stunning visuals and some dumb fun enjoyable goofiness. Justice League was a massive letdown, a whole lotta nothing. What should have been a monumental event was instead just an imitation Avengers. Such a shame. Aquaman wins.

Aquaman is much better. It's actually a good movie with a good villain and nice visuals.

easy, justice league is garbage, both snyder and whedon. aquaman is underrated and has way better visuals

aquaman is great, justice league is bad