Sideways vs. The Professional



this one is just too tough


I'll have a glass of wine with Sideways.

Sideways is the superior film. Leon, in my opinion is riddled with holes, but is a very very fun watch. I could see how this pick could be tough for some, but Skydog should know better.

The Professional is o.k, but as a practising winemaker Sideways made me ill. All this talk about hating Merlot, when he rants about how great Petrus is and Petrus is Merlot!

I think I would have liked Sideways better if I hadn't known it was by the same guy behind Election. To me, it's a very forgettable dramedy with flat characters. The Professional has more replayability, more interesting and unpredictable characters and classic set-pieces.

Sideways is a good movie that just happens to have a few too many tropes and cliches for it to be truly great. Leon: The Professional is a masterpiece on all fronts.