Batman Forever vs. Captain America: The First Avenger



These were both really fun theater experiences for me. And actually, if I were voting simply based on that, I would go Batman Forever, because 3D sucks and added absolutely nothing to Captain America. Meanwhile, Tommy Lee Jones rocks it in both of these movies. He's crazy and over the top in BF, true, but the man was trying to keep up with Jim Carrey...

Captain America. Forever had a few few good moments but was pretty bad overall. It also ruined the franchise.

What Tommy Lees should be (Captain America) versus what he should never be (Forever cheesy). As much as I like Burton's first Batman, Captain America is better than every single Batman film ever made with the possible exception of TDK.

Tommy lee is better in forever

Captain America crushes Batman here.

Batman Forever is one of the worst superhero movies ever made.

BF is underrated and TFA is overrated

Batman Forever wins because it's the best of all the superhero movies to be