The Happening vs. The Thing



They seldom come any clearer than this.

The Happening is almost likeably bad. Like almost approaching an endearing outsider art kind of bad. I wouldn't voluntarily see it again, but just sayin', I've had worse times at the theater.

Also flickchart is just putting me on The Happening's side because I haven't rated it.

Hmmm...I'll say The Happening is just plain bad. Easy...

Hm. An alien lifeform that copies your DNA...or plants. Hmmmmmmm...

The Happening was this weird circular thing where it felt like Shyamalan doing a bad impression of a Shyamalan movie. Credit where credit's due, some of the deaths were effective and the old lady actually creeped me out. But then again, creepy old ladies is just one of my quirky fears. It's also why I shuddered when I saw the Bride in Black in Insidious, or the witches in the third Paranormal Activity movie. I wonder if there's some deep-seeded reason for all of it... Anyway, yeah, The Thing, obviously. It's got Kurt Russell and walking heads.