Duel vs. Jaws



Where's the Neutral button when you need it!? :'(

i definitely prefer Duel here. That shark looks strange now, the truck is timeless.

Jaws is a masterpiece. I thought Duel was pretty boring.

Jaws is essentially Spielberg remaking his own film except with a shark instead of a truck. I still prefer the truck though.

After 42 years, Duel is still an original and striking film. Almost everything was perfect, but unfortunately, I can't say the same about Jaws.

I found Duel to be very dull, honestly. Jaws is anything but dull.

Jaws is the better film here people, I love Duel, it's just not better than Jaws!

Duel is awesome. I have always loved it, but I just can't put it ahead of Jaws...

Duel was so pointless and boring, Jaws is Jaws, plain and simple.

I don't understand this hate on Duel or Jaws. Both are amazing. Both are classics. For a TV Movie, Duel is incredible. Not sure what people were expecting from a Movie of the Week with no budget and no time to shoot. How unbelievable to make a movie with essentially 1 actor and a truck and make it a genuine thriller. side note: The sounds made by the truck as it crashes and burns is the same sounds used when Jaws is killed.

This is a really tough one. I love both films but I'll go with Duel. I've loved that movie ever since I watched it with my dad when I was young. That movie still makes me nervous when a truck is creeping up behind me when I'm driving down the rode.

Duel is a great film, especially when you consider what 24 year old Spielberg had to work with filming it in just 13 days and with a low budget. However, It still doesn't compare to the brilliance of Jaws. Jaws wins by a large margin.

Duel showed Spielberg's potential, Jaws showed a master at work.

I guess I'm in the minority. While I think Spielberg did a great job with Jaws, I still like Duel a lot more.

I guess I'm in the minority. While I think Spielberg did a great job with Jaws, I still like Duel a lot more.

After seeing Jaws a few more times (thanks AMC), I've changed my mind. Though it has been a while since I've seen Duel.

Jaws is a more complete experience.

I keep flip-flopping on this one!