Wreck-It Ralph vs. Ralph Breaks the Internet



LET'S GET READY TO WRECK IT!!! Edge to the first one for stronger focus.

Both greatest films, but I perfer the second films because it's more of a unique mode.

The Original....

@Cxfatesniper8ck: The second is more original? Like heck. Gave me unpleasant recollections of The Emoji Movie. Nonetheless, it's much, much better than that film, and works as a solid sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. It does the same nailing of the visuals and the gags (I laughed out loud at every Disney Princess moment). Both have slight stories but are buoyed by their inventiveness, humor and visuals. The first wins mostly for being first.

Both are great but I'll give a slight edge to the second.


The 2nd is missing Fix-It Felix as a main character.

The first one lost me once they stopped moving from game to game. The second one was flawed as hell, but it kept my interest throughout.

Honestly, I think Wreck It Ralph 1's better by a hair.

Definitely Wreck-it-Ralph (the original). Ralph Breaks the Internet completely threw the message of the first movie out the window.

Agreed, and now that I think about it, Wreck-It Ralph 1 is not slightly better Ralph Breaks The Internet. It's WAY better.

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed Ralph Breaks the Internet, it's a really good sequel but it doesn't quite live up to the first one.