Cars vs. Toy Story



Okay, really? REALLY? How can some annoying boy movie compare to a movie masterpiece that changed the face of animation forever?

Hard to pick, but i have to go with toy story

There is absolutely no question here. Toy Story.

I hate Cars but love Toy Story

Toy Story smashes Cars.

Toy . . . Uh, this is like picking a sports team in school, and having to choose between the div kid and Usain Bolt.

Cars isn't too bad, just a very long way off from Pixar's best.

Toy Story for SURE

Toy Story and Cars are both films in which objects come to life. How is it, then, that one can be so much better than the other. Cars is fun and creative but lacks flare whereas Toy Story is gripping, emotional and funny all at the same time. Toy Story wins

Weird that of these two films, Cars was the one that only existed to sell toys.

Cars is Pixar's second most underrated (behind Ratatouille), but it's not great. Toy Story, however, is great.

Toy Story is a bit better in my opinion