Cars vs. Monsters, Inc.



Pixar 2001 and Pixar 2006...While I love the originality of one, I love the entertainment of the other....

For a while< i thought of Monsters, Inc. as the worst Pixar had to offer, and I was quite fine with that, because I quite liked it. But then I saw Cars, and everything changed. Pixar is not infallible after all.

Tough... But I guess Monsters, Inc.

A bad Pixar movie is still a good movie, in my opinion. Cars is at the bottom of the list; Monsters, Inc. sits in the middle, just shy of their greatest films.


Cars is not a bad movie. It's just not a great one. And that's what makes it shocking. Pixar is known for greatness. However, it all comes down to opinion. But in my opinion, Monsters, Inc. is great.

i love Cars. Monsters somehow never grew on me. The cow tipping is brilliant

I just want to erase the 'Tough' remark from my previous comment. Now I can say Monsters, Inc. wins without doubt.

I think both of these movies are in the middle range for Pixar, but Monsters, Inc wins.

Monsters, Inc. is easily the better film of the two here. I found Cars to be enjoyable but REALLY predictable and I wasn't able to feel anything towards the characters. Monsters, Inc. is brilliant.

Monsters Inc wins, although I still love Cars a lot more than most people seem to

cars had some funny moments, but overall the movie wasnt that great. monster inc was good and was funny all the way through

Talking cars with faces. Bad idea, idiotic really. Talking monsters that scare kids through magic doors. Genius.

So easy.

Monsters all the way.

Monster's Inc, easily

Monsters, Inc. wins for me.

Monsters, Inc. for sure.

I honestly think Cars is better

Everything that Cars does remotely well, Monsters Inc does far better. Monsters Inc has better humor, characters, emotional moments, charm, and originality. As amazing as Chick Hicks is, he doesn't stand a chance against Randall and Waternoose. Cars is a joke of a movie. Monsters Inc is easily a top 10 Pixar movie, and maybe even top 5.