Cars vs. Shrek



Which is better? ...

Shrek, all the way.

Wow... tough call... "Cars" had its moments, but I felt like I was watching a kids' version of "Doc Hollywood". "Shrek" still pleases me on many levels (including the hidden jokes the kids don't get), so I have to give it the nod.

Cars would triumph over Shrek the Third, but the first two Shrek movies are probably better. Cars is beautiful to look at (as are all Pixar movies) and is full of great gags; I'll watch it with my kids any time. But yeah, the creators of Doc Hollywood called: They want their movie back.

CARS was by far the weakest Pixar film, but I have a deep hated of SHREK, a spoof of Disney animation that manages to be even more moronic, shallow, misogynistic and commercial than just about any franchise in existence.

Shrek, definitely.

This... is a question? Shrek.

A rare instance of Pixar losing my vote to Dreamworks here. "Cars" just never really struck a chord with me. I still think "Shrek 2" is the best of that franchise, but "Shrek" itself is still more entertaining to me than "Cars."


I live on and love the nostalgia of Route 66 and have a passion for Cars so there is no choice here but.......

Both are sort of middle-of-the-road in terms of animation, but I got more enjoyment out of Cars, and whereas Shrek is followed up by a much better sequel, Cars is not.

Shrek...all the way....

I'm sorry to say this, but I'm going with Cars by far. Cars was my favorite childhood movie.

This is hard. Cars is such a nothing film it's hard to have any strong feelings about it. On the other hand I really, truly hate Shrek. I'll go with Cars, I'll take apathy over hatred any day.

Shrek on every conceivable level.