Zombieland vs. Paranormal Activity




I enjoyed Paranormal Activity, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as Zombieland.

Zombieland's a fun film, but Paranormal Activity is the scary one.

paranormal activity was hardly scary at all, but maybe I'm just jaded. I give credit to the studio's marketing dept. because lots of people I know who wouldn't normally see horror movies are going to see it. For me Zombieland wins hands down. I was loving this movie from the opening (Zombies+Metallica!) to the suprise cameo all the way to the finale.

I agree on Zombieland being a great flick. But with Paranormal Activity, it wasn't like Blair Witch Project, so I think it was more than just marketing. The theater I watched it with was popping; one of the best audience experiences I've ever had in a horror film. It was fun watching other people. Whether you are jaded or not, you have to appreciate the way this film understands human psychology, especially on such a micro-budget.

Zombieland was a poor man's Shaun of the Dead. Paranormal Activity was merely a well done low-budget film that got more hype than it deserved.

Some of you ppl here are taking crazypills, paranormal activity was all hype. Ghost Hunters/paranormal state is scarier than that POS. Zombieland will stand out as one of the better zombie movies this decade.

Well, I'll take SHAUN OF THE DEAD over ZOMBIELAND, but I still found it immensely entertaining. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was a total lark -- a YouTube-era ripoff of BLAIR WITCH that had millions of dollars of Steven Spielberg's money spent making it "scarier" -- meaning, tons of digital effects were added. Did I mention it isn't scary and kind of sucks? Winner: ZOMBIELAND.

Not a whole lot happened in PA. It was ok but I can't see having any replay value.


Paranormal Activity is not even remotely scary. Zombieland is a pretty decent zombie film and easily wins here.

zombieland is more fun and Paranormal Activity was way overhyped for what it delivered.

meh and meh. Zombieland is more fun.

Protozoid: Agreed, on all accounts. What exactly did it all add up to in Paranormal Activity anyway? A cheap "gotcha" at the end? Feh, I say.

You guys can hate on PA all you want, slam it for being "over-hyped," "not scary" and a "Blair Witch" wannabe; I had a lot of fun watching it and thought it was very well crafted. I was less impressed by "Zombieland" initially, but it's proven itself to be more enjoyable upon repeat viewings. I'm going with "Zombieland" here, but it's not half as easy for me as it is for some of you.

Zombieland, without a doubt.

Zombieland wins and it's not even close. This is like comparing a 500hp Ferrari to an Infiniti. One is amazing, flashy, fun and you want to experience it over and over, and the other is a little nicer than it's average contemporaries. But, c'mon, you always want to hear the roar of a Ferrari over the low hum of anything else. Joy, I'm talking about joy here. You get little of it at all in Paranormal Activity.

I think Paranormal Activity is getting bashed pretty harshly on here. It is light years better than Blair Witch. But it doesn't win against Zombieland. Zombieland was an absolute blast in the theater...

Nothing against the best romantic comedy zombie movie, but it doesn't even TRY to be scary, while Paranormal Activity is terrifying. I still can't see pictures of Katie without shuddering uncontrollably. Frightening beats silliness this time.

Zombieland is so obviously, transparently what happens when some hotshot PR idiots with stupid pants try to figure out what "kids these days" like in some board room. It's insulting. It's for kids who laugh at Chuck Norris jokes. Paranormal Activity is a bad horror movie, but I'll take a bad horror movie over that.