Hulk vs. Superman Returns



meh.. i wasn't that impressed with either one of these. not sure what the lesser of 2 evils is...

Hulk SMASH puny Superman rehash!

Hulk screwed up more.

both of these movies really sucked. but i think the hulk made me cry tears of dissapointment so im going to have to go with superman


Say what you will about Hulk, but at least he actually got to fucking punch something. And it's slow, but I cared more about Bruce than I did Clark in Returns. I dunno, there's just not much exciting about watching Singer ape an old series of movies. And what's up with the deadbeat dad shit? Bleh. Man of Steel looks too somber, but I'm willing to bet Snyder gets more right than they managed to with Returns.

hulk is okay but returns is sightly better

Hulk, no contest (for me, at least).