The Young Victoria vs. The Adjustment Bureau



Aha! Emily Blunt vs Emily Blunt. I dislike her. No, I correct myself: I have grown to appreciate her, though I once disliked her. Anyway, I sat through The Young Victoria simply because I appreciated her so much in The Adjustment Bureau. What I enjoyed the most about The Adjustment Bureau was the character interactions, the chemistry. There's some high quality Rom-Com flirting in TAB and a moderate dose of Sci-Fi ingenuity. Unfortunately, the film succumbed to the banes of both genres; the second half couldn't match the first as showmanship and flirting gave way to sappy emotion, and the intriguing mindbending premise was given a hokey denoument. Still a highly enjoyable film though, and I particularly liked Blunt's peppiness. One could question whether peppiness is the quality that defines an actress playing Victoria, arguably our greatest monarch. I think she answered with some acting fortitude and chops... her mix of childish petulance and stoic, iron spirit did the movie justice. The movie, however, overstays its welcome. Sure, it's enjoyable enough, but there's only so much social politics I can take without expecting some gratuitous, lesbian sex, backstabbing and moral indignance. Also, when I wrote "arguably our greatest monarch" I was NOT insinuating any sort of preference or allegiance to Victoria or the concept of Monarchy. Fuck no. I was simply abiding by the British parlance. I despise any institutional embodiment of propriety and pomposity. Fuck the Blue Bloods.

^This, basically XD