The Bridge on the River Kwai vs. Lawrence of Arabia



Lean vs. Lean. First rate spectacle from either one, but a more fascinating character at the center of Lawrence.

"Bridge" is more focused, and the conflict between Nicholson (Guinness) and Saito (Hayakawa) is more fascinating than any relationship in "Lawrence." Still, I have to pick "Lawrence of Arabia." Peter O'Toole was brilliant, alternately awkward and flamboyant. The scale is grand and sweeping, and I thrill to every minute of it.

I'll go with "Bridge," simply because it was a fascinating study of the integrity of a soldier at war. Arabia rambled a bit...and I'll agree with the above...."Bridge" is simply a more focused movie.

Let's face it, Lawrence of Arabia rambled a lot. The Bridge on the River Kwai is just more interesting to me. The battle of egos/wills between Col. Nicholson and Col. Saito never fails to captivate.

Lawrence of Arabia.

two of the best epics ever but Lawrence of Arabia is better

Bridge on second thoughts

Going with Bridge over River Kwai its a stunner and some of the best acting with a great story,

Kwai is outstanding filmmaking of epic proportions, and damn is Guinness good in it. However, Lawrence of Arabia is one of the most perfect films of all time, featuring one of the best performances in history from O'Toole - it gets the win here.

Lean is a master! But I'm going with the movie that I'm not sure if I've watched it on 2014 or 2015. I know it started on 2014, and ended at 2015, but I'm was solidly entertained.

Practically an impossible choice to make. Two of the very best but since were down to crunch time I have to go with Bridge on the River Kwai. Love the feel good aspect of the movie . Wow I better end this comment as I'm already having second thoughts.

Lawrence of Arabia is indeed a great film, but a little over long for me. I found the plot in the 160 minute Bridge on the River Kwai (vs Lawrence's 217 minute run time) more absorbing. Also, Bridge is currently in my top 10, and Lawrence is no where close, so in this round, The Bridge on the River Kwai abuses Lawrence of Arabia. Lean's true masterpiece

Wow what a tough one, I can invest in long films so that is not a deciding factor, id have to say these two films are equally impactful, but when I comes down to it ill have to pick Lawrence of Arabia.

i like bridge on the river kwai more but i feel like Lawrence is probably better