The Good, The Bad, The Weird vs. Hard Boiled



Best action movie of the 90s vs the best action movie of the 2000s. I

The Good, The Bad etc etc left me cold. It felt like a Hollywood blockbuster, only Korean. I didn't buy that swoopy hair mall-emo guy as a badass assassin for a minute. There was no sense of tension & release, it was jumbled and tiring. There were a million other little gripes I had with it I can't remember right now, but cmon son this is obvious

Going with the Woo.

Left me cold too, which really, really sucks 'cause I love A Bittersweet Life. And I don't think it comes close to being the best action movie of the '00s. There's Exiled, Tony Jaa's stuff, the Bourne films, Kill Bill, Time and Tide, A Bittersweet Life, Donnie Yen's stuff... Against Hard Boiled (rightfully given the title, "Best Action Movie of the '90s"), it doesn't stand a chance.