The Sting vs. The Untouchables



Wow. I just re-watched each of these in the last few days, and I love them both. "The Sting" is slick and clever, and Newman and Redford are in top form. On the other hand, "The Untouchables" is sheer macho fun. Tough call, but I think I'm going with "Untouchables."

This is really close. Both of them are equally awesome but I love the end of The Sting.

I rewatched The Untouchables a couple of weeks ago and it is truly awesome, I need to watch the Sting again too. Right now i'm going with the Untouchables because it's fresher in my mind.

Hard to even seperate the scores of these two. Fortunately it's a little easier to seperate their net worth.


The Untouchables wins the awesome award.

Both of these are great Chicago crime movies, but it always seems that movies with a twist seem to earn extra credit with me, and The Sting was no exception.

Both have that very slick, depression-era feel to it. I prefer Redford and Newman's chemistry over The Untouchables.

I prefer the overall style of The Untouchables over The Sting. Oh, and Doyle Lonnegan is no Al Capone.

Untouchables is a sweet film but The Sting takes it.

I watched The Sting again this morning, and yeah, it's pretty great. I have to move it ahead of The Untouchables.

Both of these gems are all-time greats. Have to say Sting because it feels more legendary.