I Am Legend vs. Batman Begins



oh gawd... i love these 2 movies... wtf do i do? i guess batman begins wins since legend had the crappy cgi

easy for me funker..i HATE I am legend --- Zombieland is way better!

Theses new Batman films are awful and Heath Ledger is terrible in the dark knight

Batman Begins has a stronger cast and plot. I am Legend falls apart after the dog dies with Smith`s bizarre behavior towards the two survivors: ''I`m gonna sit out here for hours every day on my radio and try to reach out to any survivors; then when I actually find some, declare everyone else dead, even though they`re telling me that there are others.'' Batman Begins for the Win!

Yeah. What SquareMaster316 said.

wtf hedburn..

Batman Begins has the action just right with a cool origin take and love nolans vision on his first two batman films I liked Legend but at times it was great bit the last 20 min or so really fell apart Im not sure? it needed something more.

Batman wins. There is nothing wrong with the story of I Am Legend. The problem with it is the terrible CGI. Batman for some bad acting from out leading lady. (although you wish Katie would come back when the second one arrives) Will Smith did a fantastic job in Legend.

Batman Begins.


Batman Begins is the only rational choice.