I Am Legend vs. The Fountain



on 5/31/2008

The Fountain was definitely underappreciated. I Am Legend should have stuck to the alternate ending.

on 6/5/2008

The Fountain was indeed underappreciated...as a sleep aid. Snap.

on 6/20/2009

he Fountain is a storytelling masterpiece. Hugh Jackman carried this movie and was incredible. I am Legend could have been a great movie had it not been for the horrible CGI

on 7/13/2009

The Fountain is an endlessly fascinating film while I Am Legend was undermined by horrible CGI and an ending that defeats the purpose of the story being told.

on 7/14/2009

Oh no, I'ma get myself killed! I'm a huge Darren Aronofsky fan, but I was a little disapointed by The Fountain. I was also a little disapointed by I Am Legend, but a little *less* disapointed. Eeep.

on 7/31/2009

I Am Legend was a major letdown, The Fountain however is a treasure.

on 8/23/2009

At least I could understand what was going on in I Am Legend.

on 8/24/2009

The Fountain is one of the best films in the last decade. Too many people wrote it off because they didn't have the patience to really see what it is about. Hopefully it will gain appreciation over the up coming years

on 8/28/2009

I AM LEGEND butchered the novel, one of the best of its kind and a good read. THE FOUNTAIN is ambitious but the idiosyncracies feel forced and overall the film takes itself much, much too seriously. But it still gets my vote over LEGEND, an abominable attempt to stroke Will Smith's ego no matter how many classic sci-fi novels are trod underfoot. Give me THE LAST MAN ON EARTH with Vincent Price, instead -- a faithful adaptation and a solid flick. THE FOUNTAIN is better, but I feel no need to revisit it when Tarkovski's SOLARIS covered the same material and was much better and genuinely idiosyncratic.

on 9/5/2009

The Fountain will be remembered in the years to come as one of the most powerful films no one ever saw. I love it to death.

on 9/10/2009

If I were Ben Lyons, I'd call "I Am Legend" the greatest movie ever!! Thankfully, i'm not. The Fountain is simply a work of art. From the abstract non linear story telling, to the message in the movie, to the beautiful cinematography. The Fountain is amazing and the better movie.

on 9/10/2009

Ok, it put my comment on the wrong side. The Fountain is better, there.

on 9/18/2009

Will Smith never really turns out a bad performance, and I Am Legend definitely wasn't one, but The Fountain is a more high-concept film with better all-around performances from its cast. I Am Legend is rather simplistic in comparison and takes away from its superior source work.

on 10/14/2009

The Fountain for me. Will Smith was great to watch in Legend and if it were closer to the novel it would be a bit harder to choose, but, The Fountain without a shadow of a doubt.

on 10/30/2009

The Fountain is number one on my list. Honestly, I think I cry throughout the entire film, but I cry watching commercials. I Am Legend, was nice, but not great. The Fountain is epic! It's incredible. From the acting, to the graphics, to the three different stories, to the Soundtrack (which I listen to all the time). I'm a Fountain nerd.

on 4/4/2010

I loved I Am Legend and absolutely hated The Fountain. Actually, The Fountain is the only movie I only rated a 1/10 on IMDB, so I'm going to have to go with I Am Legend of course.

on 8/21/2010

Watching I Am Legend felt like I was forced to hang out for 2 hours with a guy I couldn't stand. I kinda wanted the zombies to get to him sooner. The Fountain was by no means a perfect film, but was undeniably unique, ambitious, and visually impressive.

on 5/27/2018

Both are good. I preferred I Am Legend for the singularity of the concept. The Fountain was too scattered for me and felt contrived in the end.

on 5/27/2018

I Am Legend>The Fountain


on 5/27/2018

The Fountain is such a rewarding film for those who enjoy more complex themes and something to think about when you leave the theater or turn off the tv or computer.