I Am Legend vs. The Last Man on Earth



am i the first person to get this matchup? anyway, they're both based on the same book. as far as i'm concerned, there still isn't a good movie of it yet and there's even another one (The Omega Man) but i guess the latest is the best for now.

While I have yet to read the book I have seen both of these films as well as "The Omega Man". Even though Vincent Price is a great actor I think I have to go with "I Am Legend". The reason for this is that "The Last Man on Earth" felt to be slow and the vampires weren't really that threaten. However, I will say that in "I Am Legend" I wish that they didn't use CGI so much. Like on the closes up then could of had really people. That would have seem more really and a lot scary.

No contest for me here. Got to go with the classic. Closest one to the original novel, although still not a truly accurate rendition.

Like the lonely atmsophere and stark realism of Legend More, Last Mans closer to the book but SMITH's version seemed less sci-fi horror more accurate depiction of a virus wiping out earth there were flaws in the film and editing but the unrated directors cut adds some great elements and better ending!

I like both but I prefer Last Man for Price's subtle yet engaging performance and the more complex, challenging ending. The main thing Legend did better was in regards to visuals and the vampires(which were downright laughable in Last Man).

I Am Legend was terrible in my opinion. I felt like I was watching a shallow video-game walkthrough. As for The Last Man on Earth, it's not perfect and it's most probably a crowd-splitter. That being said, I still really liked it because it's daring for the 60's and it's also a perfect portrayal of loneliness. Price as the protagonist is terrifically good and I actually could believe in that vampire/zombie germ proto-Night of the Living Dead. Everything that makes zombies fast is just really bad.

Vincent Price is so cheesy good! That alone makes it a better adaption of the same book/story.