Pitch Perfect vs. Bridesmaids



So, delusional, unjustifiably confident fat chicks are all the rage now? Fair enough. Bridesmaids wasn't funny. At all. Pitch Perfect was funny, and I think it (mostly) used its retarded exterior and familiar tropes as some form of satire. Not entirely sure, but it's a good watch either way. Banks and Higgins bodied that shit.

I hated Bridesmaids - I liked Pitch Perfect. The characters in Bridesmaids were obnoxious; the characters in Pitch Perfect were sympathetically quirky. Why did one film remind me of the other? I think it was the copycat main poster for each.

Pitch Perfect wins! It had some like able characters, nice throwbacks, a funny as hell nude-ish scene! All the other movie had was scenes more revolting than jackass and the most annoying idiotic movie characters I have ever seen with jokes that fell completely flat...I wanted to kill myself.

I hated Bridesmaids. Pitch Perfect was so enjoyable and funny, loved it.