The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou vs. The Darjeeling Limited



Oh no!

The Darjeeling Limited doesn't even possess a smidgen of the imagination or pathos or memorable lines that The Life Aquatic does. All the humor and situtaions in Darjeeling came across as forced and calculated quirkiness, while most every scene in The Life Aquatic flowed effortlessly like the sea itself from one great moment to the next. Darjeeling is utterly forgettable forgettable when compared to the beauty and inspiration squeezed into every corner of The Life Aquatic. Darjeeling is just poop floating in the bathtub, while The Life Aquatic rides the majestic waves of truth and wonder.


I share kingofpain's appreciation of The Life Aquatic but The Darjeeling Limited was a wonderful film as well with memorable moments and a lot more heart.

While I prefer the feel and cast of The Darjeeling Limited, it begins to trail off into mediocrity near the end, whereas The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is strong throughout.

The Darjeeling Limited is my pick love Wes Anderson

Zissou is his best film, but Darjeeling is unfairly derided as his worst.

I'm taking Darjeeling limited here. Zissou did alot of things right but I feel like Darjeeling shines a little brighter.

I still think The Darjeeling Limited has one of the best movies opening ever

Zissou is one of the few movies that I absolutely cannot stand...


Two wonderful films I love to revisit but Life Aquatic is Wes Anderson perfection personified..