Shazam! vs. Avengers: Endgame



Marvel over DC always.

I love Shazam, but Endgame is on a whole different level

Marvel beats any of DC on any aspect.

Poor DC. Always stuck with sloppy kiddie seconds. Maybe now that Endgame finished the MCU run DC has more of a chance?

Standalone superhero movies remind me of a towel rack or a soap dish. You know, a functional appliance that only exists to serve a purpose, sometimes it’s purely to exist. Shazam! feels like it just exists and serves no other purpose being made. Endgame, while flawed, is one of the most ambitious movies ever and works as a satisfying conclusion to 23 movies!

"Sloppy kiddie seconds" is now the single best wording on this site. Wonderfully disgusting. Haaah!

Shazam is by no means a bad movie. It is perfectly serviceable for being the action comedy it's supposed to be. But you can't even compare it to Endgame, the movie that has been built up for nearly a decade.

Crap, why did it submit my comment to Shazam? I was saying Endgame was better.

Yes complete as Marvel beats DC anytime.

Shazam is forgettable lame cheesy film, endgame has of it's greatest moments.

Endgame is simply great of 2019 as shazam is ungreatful thing have seen.

Endgame wins....

ok i actually preferred shazam

Shazam is super fun but endgame is better.

Shazam and Joker is way better than Far From Home and Endlame

Shazam and Joker is way better than Far From Home and Endlame

Shazam! is arguably one of the best DCEU movies, but Endgame was my favorite superhero film of 2019.

wait what the hell no EG > Shazam

Shazam is the best DCEU film but Endgame is just better in every way

actually i liked shazam more

Endgame... It's not a contest for Marvel here

Endgame. I did like Shazam though, I thought it was pretty good