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TheHonestFilmFan on 7/31/2013 Reply  · 

Nice to see Muppet Movie in your top 5. I see you recently saw Much Ado About Nothing. I was meaning to go see it, but I missed it. Would it be worth tracking down when it comes to DVD/Netflix?

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coffinjumper on 12/4/2013 Reply  · 

Sorry I kind of neglected to get on for a while. If you haven't yet, I would highly recommend tracking it down. It played well for me as a theatre kid and Shakespeare fan and for my friends I was with who are not. And if you like anything Joss Whedon has done it's great to see familiar faces, and they do it well. Plus this version's version of "SIgh No More" is probably my favorite take on a Shakespeare song ever and was immediately added to my mp3 player.

P.S. Of course The Muppet Movie is top 5, Muppets are awesome. Classic Henson muppets, even more so

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