The Best Movies Starring Luciano Catenacci

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The Best Movies Starring Luciano Catenacci
Movie Title Release
Director MPAA
2744 Kill Baby, Kill 1966 Mario Bava PG -
9785 Crime Busters 1977 Enzo Barboni PG -
18434 Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes 1978 Sergio Corbucci PG -
23671 In the Folds of the Flesh 1970 Sergio Bergonzelli NR -
27430 Ben and Charlie 1972 Michele Lupo PG -
27635 A Rather Complicated Girl 1969 Damiano Damiani NR -
32893 The Price of Death 1971 Lorenzo Gicca Palli NR -
34122 Confessions of a Police Captain 1971 Damiano Damiani PG -

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