The Best Movies Starring Karin Schubert

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The Best Movies Starring Karin Schubert
Movie Title Release
Director MPAA
12972 Emanuelle Around the World 1977 Joe D'Amato NR -
14942 Delusions of Grandeur 1971 Gérard Oury PG -
16772 Black Emanuelle 1975 Bitto Albertini NR -
18126 Hanna D.: The Girl from Vondel Park 1984 Rino Di Silvestro NR -
22821 Cold Eyes of Fear 1971 Enzo G. Castellari NR -
30440 Ubalda, All Naked and Warm 1972 Mariano Laurenti NR -
36751 Death Haunts Monica 1976 Ramón Fernández NR -
39185 Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident 1978 Leslie H. Martinson NR -

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