The Best Movies Starring Karin Baal

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The Best Movies Starring Karin Baal
Movie Title Release
Director MPAA
4753 What Have You Done to Solange? 1972 Massimo Dallamano R -
5172 Lola 1981 Rainer Werner Fassbinder R -
17170 Dead Eyes of London 1961 Alfred Vohrer NR -
22129 The Horror of Blackwood Castle 1968 Alfred Vohrer PG -
31180 Voyage to Danger 1962 Roberto Bianchi Montero, Wolfgang Schleif NR -
31520 Teenage Wolfpack 1956 Georg Tressler NR -
38350 The Man on the Wall 1982 Reinhard Hauff NR -
39813 Desperado City 1981 Vadim Glowna NR -

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