Why Does Popcorn Cost So Much at the Movies?

Nathan Chase

Nathan Chase is a co-founder and the designer of Flickchart. He's also a multimedia designer & developer living in central Florida, an online culture and social networking enthusiast, a proud father, an avid PC gamer, an incessant movie watcher, known for an eclectic musical taste, and often writing and performing music - on the drums, guitar, piano, or computer. You can find Nathan on Flickchart as Zampa, and email him at nathan@flickchart.com.

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1 Response

  1. You might also want to pick up a copy of “The Armchair Economist” by Steven E. Landsburg. He devotes an entire chapter to the question of why movie popcorn is so expensive and writes that chapter – the entire book, in fact – in that same engaging style we see in the much later pop-economics book “Freakonomics.”