What If Armond White Had a Flickchart?

Colin Biggs

Colin Biggs is a cinephile who recently became acquainted with Flickchart. He has been writing on films for the past three years for a variety of sites. Along with contributing here, he writes at his personal blog Never Mind Pop Film and the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

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12 Responses

  1. I dig the commentary on his more absurd reviews, but for full effect, this list really should have been a 6/4 split in favor of the most obscure art house titles of the last 60 years–none of them American–and lauded as examples that only a qualified film critic is entitled to understand and praise.

  2. Tom Clift says:

    Funny stuff! Good to see your hatred of White is being channelled into a creative outlet

  3. Jordan117 says:

    He’s just doing it for the attention. I wouldn’t give a damn about his petty reviews if they didn’t mar otherwise perfect scores for great movies on sites like RottenTomatoes.

  4. María Agramón says:

     I have an incredible amount of disgust in my heart for this man, which is very unlike me, but I can’t help it. A paid troll is all that he is.

    Great post!

  5. Alan J. Smithee says:

    I think you’re missing the point.  White isn’t a contrarian or troll, he’s just an unpopular critic. Most of his reviews are well written, thoughtful, insightful, funny, and praise/deride things about these films that most overlook, or just ignore. Gunning for the underdog.
    It’s only when he steps on the sacred cows of fanboys, hipsters, online cinephiles, and contemporary critics (i.e. superhero flicks, action blockbusters, indies, art house, and pompous Oscar bait) – that he gets flack.

    If Pauline Kael were alive today, the same mob would go after her. People don’t know what real criticism is anymore.

    • Colin Biggs says:

      You’re completely right. Pauline Kael would write a glowing review of Transformers 2. I’m sorry I tried to deem knowing as much as you, sir.

    • Alan J. Smithee says:

      Maybe she might’ve, who knows? She often had some wacky quirks that saw her fall out with a lot of the critical establishment. Hating on certain films and directors that were Golden calves.

      What I dig about Armond’s writing, is that he always highlights something in a movie you’d never thought of before. The fact that the guy can find merits in Transformers 2 alone, shows that he’s worthy of some respect.

    • Elijah says:

      Agree. This is simply dismissive and immature . Armond White is a fascinating critic. Although I’m very disappointed by his recent turn towards reactionary politics, his first book The Resistance is essential for anyone looking to understand the art of cinema. Calling him contrarian is just infantile branding in order to not take him seriously. It’s funny how people cherry-pick Transformers 2 and say “SEE!” as if it’s any sort of argument.

  6. From what I’ve read of his reviews, and what I’ve heard from him in interviews, I think that he’s a reviewer who prefers the kinetics of a film to any other aspect, second to that is what the film sets out to achieve.  This explains his love of Michael Bay, whose films are not entirely plot or dialogue rich but are kinetically pleasing.  While I don’t hold the same view as Mr. White, I can see why that is his view in a visual medium.

  7. LS says:

    Zardoz is sincerely a great film, y’all.