“We could be the Three Amigos for real”: Collisions of Fantasy and Reality in Cinema

Douglas Van Hollen

Software engineer. Kravist. Oenophile. MSTie. Trekker. Last of the V8 Interceptors. On permanent sabbatical in Winter River, CT.

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1 Response

  1. David Conrad says:

    I keep thinking about Farewell My Concubine (1993) in which two lifelong actors from Beijing Opera, who have spent their lives playing two particular roles in one particular play, subconsciously (but sometimes consciously) model their real lives on their characters’ lives. This is sort of a blend of all three of these categories.

    Since in Farewell My Concubine the crossing-over is largely subconscious rather than purposeful (unlike Type II movies), but does not involve ignorance of the barrier between reality and fiction (as Part III seems to require), I wonder if it might belong to a fourth category. Another entry in this possible fourth category would be Perfect Blue (1998), in which the singer/actress knows the distinction between her person and her persona(e) but becomes increasingly unable to tell them apart from moment to moment. Or would these just be extreme examples of Type II movies; the confusion about the real and the fictional is such that the characters don’t even realize they’re crossing the streams?