The Under-Ranked: X-Men: First Class

Ross Bonaime

Ross has been a lover of films for as long as he can remember. Since childhood, he has engulfed himself with movies, always trying to learn and watch more than any one lone human should ever attempt. Ross went to George Mason University, where he received a bachelors degree in communication with a focus in journalism and a film studies minor. He is a writer for Paste Magazine and Brightest Young Things. He loves all films, genres and periods. From George Melies to Christopher Nolan, Ross will watch anything to further his ongoing film education. Ross can be found at  rbonaime on Flickchart.

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8 Responses

  1. Jandy says:

    This year is the year of the Fassbender, for sure – I think he’s in something like six films this year, from Jane Eyre to X-Men to Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method to Soderbergh’s Haywire and more. He’s also in Steve McQueen’s next film, Shame, which will hopefully make it out this year. I have yet to catch up with Hunger, though, which I definitely need to do. Oh, I’d also recommend Fish Tank, which he was in last year, directed by Andrea Arnold. Fantastic film.

    I’m also curious to see Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men. She was great in Winter’s Bone, but this is a very different kind of film, obviously. :)

    • Ross Bonaime says:

      I’m definitely already a huge fan of Fassbender. I even liked him in Jonah Hex. I loved his performances in Jane Eyre and Fish Tank. And with so many movies coming out this year, I may use some of them for a future under-ranked…….

      I’m very excited to see how Jennifer Lawrence does in a role like this. Same goes for Nicholas Hoult, who I thought was great in A Single Man.

  2. Nigel Druitt says:

    Totally beside the point, but…

    Isn’t First Class more of a “prequel” than a “reboot”…?


    • Ross Bonaime says:

      I’ve heard it considered as both. They technically are attempting to start a new franchise however by restarting with a younger X-Men crew. I think it can be considered both though. Kind of like how Star Trek was a prequel and a reboot as well.

  3. Derek Bowman says:

    The Last Station is an amazing film, and it’s nice to see it get some recognition. Despite being what appears to be a historical, costume drama it’s surprisingly engaging and has a phenomenally diva-esque performance from Helen Mirren. Highly recommended.

  4. Holy damn, that *was* him in “Hunger!”  I included that 17 minute long single take scene on my list of 100 Things I Love About Film because it was absolutely captivating to watch, like when singers hold notes for inordinate lengths of time.  That film was hard to watch at times, but it was extremely well crafted and powerful.  I strongly second that recommendation.

    Also, having seen “X-Men: First Class” now, I really feel that it’s a prequel rather than an actual reboot.  It clearly plays up its connections with the previously made films and there’s really nothing here that contradicts anything established in the previous films (at least, nothing that I caught) so as far as I can tell it’s simply a story about the same characters set in an earlier period with a different cast.