The Top Ten Films of 1946

Jandy Hardesty

Jandy is especially drawn to classic, off-beat, and foreign film, but loves a good blockbuster action sequence, too. You can find her on Flickchart as faithx5. She also writes at The Frame, and co-hosts the occasional podcast Not at Odds at Row Three.

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5 Responses

  1. Michael M. says:

    The fact that the crap “Notorious” is above “It’s a Wonderful Life” make me lose any faith in the Global Ranking.

    • Jandy Hardesty says:

      Hitchcock is almost universally loved on Flickchart. I don’t personally mind that as I love almost all of his films, but it gets a little ridiculous sometimes.

  2. Faye Storey Faye Storey says:

    Enjoyed this article – didn’t know Rex Harrison had played the King; only saw Yul Brenner….always liked Rex especially in his Henry Higgins role…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice list, though I’d have liked to have seen The Stranger on here. Also, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers continues to not get the recognition it deserves.

    • Jandy Hardesty says:

      I love both of those! The Stranger was #12, so it barely missed the list (The Postman Always Rings Twice is #11). The Strange Love of Martha Ivers is INCREDIBLY underranked at #22 for 1946, #4290 overall on the global charts. Only 108 people have ranked it right now, so we need to get more people on Flickchart ranking it!