The Top 10 Comedies of the 1990s


Andrzej lives in Poland and is a music, film and PC gaming fan. He mostly likes thriller movies but is always curious about any other new film he is about to see. Considers himself fascinated by pop culture and is always excited about the future.

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9 Responses

  1. Nigel Druitt Nigel Druitt says:

    I’m surprised something like Dumb & Dumber isn’t on this list; no Jim Carrey at all.
    My favorite was Liar Liar, though I do dig several of the movies on this list.

    Hated Clerks, though.

  2. No Dumb and Dumber or Tommy Boy. Yet, two Toy Story movies? WTF?

  3. Ben Lott Ben Lott says:

    Looks like I only have 2 of those in my Top 20 nineties comedies.

  4. Andrzej Duralewski says:

    Remember that this list was created by checking the ranks of all users of Flickchart; for example Dumb and Dumber would be placed as 25th and Tommy Boy as 41th.

  5. Toy Story, Groundhog Day, The Full Monty, The Player, Pretty Woman, Wag the Dog, In & Out, Heart & Souls, Being John Malkovich, There’s Something About Mary are my top 10. Pleasantville, My Cousin Vinny, and The Birdcage are also in my top 500 of all-time.

  6. David Conrad says:

    My top 2 are on this list.

    My first interesting, idiosyncratic pick comes at #3, French Kiss, the romantic comedy with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Excellent list.Amaizig choise.
    Keep doing…