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Charles is a fanatical film geek known for his horror knowledge and an unhealthy obsession with Back to the Future. Currently living in Dallas, TX he has worked with Texas Frightmare Weekend for many years. He is a fan of all music genres - especially film scores and has an avid love for travel. He incorporates his love for film into his travels by visiting as many film locations as possible. Charles can be found on Flickchart as Headshot68 or over at Twitter and Facebook.

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8 Responses

  1. Doug says:

    Will not pay to see Bridesmaids: Ghost Hunters Edition.

  2. Nigel Druitt says:

    People will rip a trailer to shreds when we get it, no matter how good it does or doesn’t look.

    By this point, completely rebooting with a cast so completely different as to have swapped genders is the only way they can do this and be at all respectful to the originals. Look, they’re creating something almost completely new. Let’s give them a shot.

    I’m not a big McCarthy fan, but I think Wiig is a great choice for this. The idea that this is so offensive that no one can ever go back to revisit the original when they want to is completely ridiculous.

  3. Dan says:

    Fieg is full of it- the casting is certainly a gimmick, and it worked: people are talking. A mix of men & women on a few team, even in a new city would be a logical and welcome progression. The reboot will be remembered as well as all the other remakes lately – not at all. I’m kind of glad its not in the same continuity as the previous films. Regardless, I won’t be seeing it until it shows up on WeTV in a few years.

  4. Roger says:

    As one wag put it, Ghostbusters was bottled lightening. You can’t recapture it. Ghostbusters II was okay but anything compared to the first wouldn’t look too good.

    As for GB III, it looks to be a reboot and those don’t work well. It would take a good script and a deft comedic hand to make it work. Say if it was done along the lines of RED, with a mix of old and new characters, it would be funny. But with 4 gals cast as the main actors and with Feig at the helm, it won’t do well. At least with old fans like myself.

  5. Listerfiend says:

    My ideal Ghostbusters 3 would have been the original team starring in another flick in the early ’90s. Didn’t happen. The next best thing was them passing down the baton to a new crew. When Harold passed away, I lost most of my interest in another outing. When they announced that the project had turned to a full reboot, I lost the rest of it.

  6. Aidan Cross says:

    Follow on from the original movies and have Ray, Winston and Janine running the business in Egon’s memory, Venkman having long since retired. When paranormal activity heats up in NY they hire a team of younger blue-collar workers to handle the busting. The premise? In GBII a guest on Venkman’s talk show predicts that the end of the world will be on Feb 14th, 2016, and Venkman ridicules her. This should be the plot of GB3- the date arrives and it turns out the lady was right. I wrote an outline for this plot on the IMdB forums, however this site won’t let me post it here because when I copy and paste, the ‘Post Comment’ button disappears, so click here for the rough outline I wrote: