The Depths Of Obscurity: Werewolf Films from the 1980s

Charles Does

Charles is a fanatical film geek known for his horror knowledge and an unhealthy obsession with Back to the Future. Currently living in Dallas, TX he has worked with Texas Frightmare Weekend for many years. He is a fan of all music genres - especially film scores and has an avid love for travel. He incorporates his love for film into his travels by visiting as many film locations as possible. Charles can be found on Flickchart as Headshot68 or over at Twitter and Facebook.

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6 Responses

  1. nathanchase says:

    Definitely “An American Werewolf in London” is #1. “Monster Squad” was a definite favorite as a kid.

    My grandmother’s favorite movie was The Howling – strangely enough. I’ve yet to see it – I should…

    I just watched a fun New Zealand mockumentary recently called “What We Do in the Shadows” that has a great twist on werewolves (and vampires) living in modern-day New Zealand. Very funny stuff.

  2. Jeff Lombardi says:

    Great piece! I honestly can’t say I’ve seen any of these, but I sure will now!

  3. GornoP says:

    3 movies? And one only sort-of about a werewolf? C’mon…

    Silver Bullet (1985)

    Wolfen (1981)

    Teen Wolf (1985)

  4. sirin3 says:


    I just watched American Werewolf in London yesterday

  5. cradamson says:

    American Werewolf in London is great. The last thirty minutes especially utilized the humor and unhinging of the character beautifully.