“The Boy Next Door” Review: An Applebee’s Commercial Has More Emotional Range

Brian Salisbury

Brian has been a film critic and podcaster for the last six years. He writes for a number of outlets including Movies.com and Moviepilot. He co-founded the geek site OneOfUs.Net and cohosts the Junkfood Cinema podcast for Film School Rejects. Brian is also a member of the Austin Film Critics Association.

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62 Responses

  1. IDGAF1203 says:

    Looked bad, sounded bad, probably bad.

  2. A movie about an older woman who has sex with a student/friend of her son…. *sighs* stop, please J-Lo

  3. nathanchase says:

    I guess I’ll just rewatch OUT OF SIGHT, because it’s fantastic.

  4. It sounded like a normal headline for J-lo. Sleeping with the 18 year old neighbor. ….

  5. mr_popcorn says:

    [The trailer for this movie](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrE97rY7ZKo) is a piece of work. Its not bad, not awful either. It simply is.

  6. Who the hell thought a movie about a psychotic teenager fucking his teacher was a good idea?

  7. MrRager1994 says:

    The girl im seeing really wants to see this damn movie, can anyone help me find a way to get out of this?

  8. Skippy8898 says:

    Here is a question was there not another movie that had the same premise? I want to say sometime in the 80’s or 90’s but I can’t think of the name or who was in it.

  9. KALEl001 says:

    but does it show boobies?

  10. varcas says:

    Oh this whole time I thought it was James Franco.

  11. It looks like a big budgeted softcore porno, which could be pulpy and hilarious…but there’s no way it’s that self-aware

  12. henrikivik says:

    It looks like a Lopezploitation film to me

  13. redthunda69 says:

    I was intrigued when I saw the trailer because I’d heard nothing about it and it looked hilariously weird. Good to know I probably shouldn’t waste my time on it.

  14. I always thought the commercial on the radio sounded like a parody. It wasnt until they said staring jennifer lopez that i realized it was a serious commercial.

  15. Holy shit. Are you THE Brian Salsbury of The Leauge of Ordinary Gentlemen?

    • zampa says:

      Yep, that’s THE Brian Salisbury. He’s just started as the featured film critic for Flickchart a few weeks ago.

    • Please…..PLEASE ask him how’s John Rubio and if he still keeps in contact with the rest of the Leauge. That shit, Spill.com and Let’s Do This was my religion until it closed down.

    • Rubio is as big an asshole as ever. He and I do a weekly beer podcast called The Beerists which you should check out. Most everyone from LEOG splintered off onto a ton of other projects including DoubleToasted, OneofUs.net, RageSelect, TheTVDudes, Dr.Nerdlove and The Beerists. So, everyone is still around and most of us still see each other fairly often.

  16. Kendall says:

    Do you still see the co host 3000 alot? Hope he’s doing well