The Amazing Spider-Man: A Flickcharter’s Movie Review

Ryan Stuckey

Ryan likes movies. They are one of his favorite things. He does everything in his power to not sound like an elitist when he talks about them. He would like to apologize in advance for all the times he will inevitably sound like an elitist talking about them. He also thinks it's awkward to write about himself in the third person. He can be found at SirStuckey on Flickchart and almost every other film ranking website.

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3 Responses

  1. Nigel Druitt says:

    I’m somebody who wasn’t clamoring for this movie. Even if they didn’t want to just give Raimi enough time to properly make Spider-Man 4, they could easily have gotten a new cast and new director and not rehashed the origin.

    The teaser trailer didn’t do the movie any favors. I saw it and immediately thought, “Okay, I saw this movie less than 10 years ago.”

    But subsequent trailers piqued my interested, and I started to actually become interested.

    Now that I hear my gut reaction may have been right, I may not rush out to the theater for this one.

  2. movieguyjon says:

    Just got back from seeing the film. A little on the conflicted side. I thought the acting in this was superb. Garfield and Stone pulled off high school awkwardness quite well, having a great exchange in the hallway of the school that was painfully adorable.

    The character moments were also done well, and had a lot of heart.

    Where it kind of broke down for me was in the plotting. Pretty much had to slog through the Uncle Ben death re-hash and it felt like an age-and-a-half before we finally get to the actual Spider-Man stuff.

  3. Coligula says:

    I think I can come to terms with most of the complaints here. Garfield doesn’t feel much like an outcast, because Parker isn’t so much an outcast in the movie as he is someone who is “just there.” As far as him telling Gwen his identity right away, I could see this coming back to haunt him in a sequel, if she is killed (as her father feared) or something else bad happens to her.
    I saw a news article say they were planning this as a trilogy, so I could image Green Goblin coming around in the third film. He’s the best villain they’ve got, and they have the foresight (of $$$) to know they can save him for the finale, unlike the originals, which blew him on the first film (though, I guess this was important to start the whole thing in the first place).