The Actor Spotlight: Viggo Mortensen

Colin Biggs

Colin Biggs is a cinephile who recently became acquainted with Flickchart. He has been writing on films for the past three years for a variety of sites. Along with contributing here, he writes at his personal blog Never Mind Pop Film and the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

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6 Responses

  1. I know I’m in the minority, but The Two Towers was my favorite Lord of the Rings movie. The Fellowship of the Ring gets lots of love, but I found it an overlong introduction; similarly, I found Return of the King a somewhat overlong conclusion. But man, that middle chapter was genuinely epic and I loved it.

    That said,of the Mortensen performances I’ve seen I’d have to go with History of Violence. The character himself is rather obvious within the story, but there are lots of nuances and subtleties to Mortensen’s performance that make Tom compelling and fascinating.


    When I first saw the movie, I was genuinely thrown off wondering if Tom had, in fact, been mistaken for his former self. Mortensen played the “Who, me?” bit to perfection. He gradually reveals himself not just to the other characters, but to us in the audience. It’s brilliantly handled, and it’s very easy to imagine the role in the hands of a less thoughtful actor bringing down the entire movie.

    Also, his two sex scenes with Maria Bello are among the hottest I’ve ever seen on screen. That was some serious intensity!

  2. Colin Biggs says:

    His other film with Cronenberg is my favorite performance to speak of. Had Daniel Day-Lewis not came out in ‘There Will Be Blood’ that year Mr. Mortensen would have a Best Actor Oscar.

  3. Nigel Druitt says:

    I like Fellowship the best, so between the three of us, they’re all represented. :)

    Meanwhile, there are a couple of these movies I haven’t seen (and it’s been so long since I saw Crimson Tide, I don’t even remember Viggo being in it), but it is The Road that I can’t believe I haven’t seen yet. Really high on my “Want to See” list…

  4. Fitz says:


    It’s a hard watch, but a worthwhile one.

  5. Guest says:

    Man, History of Violence and Eastern Promises rated that low overall? I absolutely LOVED those movies! He was fantastic in both of them. But that didn’t surprise me, because he just clearly puts himself so well into any role. I’d have loved to see him cast as Roland in the upcoming “Gunslinger”, but alas…

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