About Emil Ekelund

Emil is a movie-loving Swede, more prone to sarcasm and dry humor than to the berzerking of his Viking ancestors. While he enjoys most types of movies, a lot of his favorites tend to be various kinds of comedies. An unashamed fanboy of both Jason Statham and Shannyn Sossamon, he will watch any movie to feature either of those actors, no matter how bad they seem (if they were to appear in the same film together, his head might very well collapse). He does the vast majority of his movie-watching at home but occasionally ventures out to the cinema, at least whenever a new Christopher Nolan film arrives. When not occupied with film, Emil enjoys other forms of fine culture such as books, video games and pro wrestling. He also likes tea and beards. He runs a film blog called A Swede Talks Movies, tweets at @Esh_Kebab and is known as Eshegnev on Flickchart.