Soundtracks of Significance: Drive

Amy Matthew

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Carruthers says:

    So true. The score is excellent and the choice of songs is just perfect for the film. It all fits so perfectly. I think Desire’s “Under Your Spell” also deserves a mention in this article, beauitful song that works as a perfect theme for a couple of Mulligan/Gosling’s scenes together.

    • Amy Matthew says:

      Yeah, “Under Your Spell” is also a stand-out in the film. Since I downloaded it for the first time, however, and heard the very irritating ‘dialogue’ in the middle of the song I’ve been slightly turned off by it. But that’s just my bias. It does selectively work in the film though.

  2. Brad B. says:

    Don’t forget it also pulls the opening piece from The Social Network score.