Review: Tenet

Grant Douglas Bromley

Grant Douglas Bromley is an independent filmmaker and essayist on the cinema who earned his MA in Film Studies from Columbia University.

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1 Response

  1. Sophia says:

    Plot and idea are really great! All these multiple moves, interweaving and incomprehensible views of the audience are in the best traditions of Christopher Nolan. However, the ending becomes quite predictable somewhere around 20 minutes before the end.

    Cast is very good, but confused by the choice of the character for the main role – John David Washington isn’t as charismatic as we would like. Idris Elba would look much more harmonious in this role (in my opinion). Robert Pattinson played decently. And I am always delighted with Elizabeth Debicki. Kenneth Branagh was chosen as the main antagonist, but he isn’t particularly remembered after watching. It’s weird that there wasn’t a regular Nolan cast like Cillian Murphy.

    I didn’t want to compare this film to Nolan’s other masterpieces, but I think it’s inevitable. And, in my opinion, it is an order of magnitude weaker than ‘Inception’ and ‘Interstellar’. And it’s just about characters. With all the interesting approaches and global conflicts of these two films, they contain problems close to the human heart. DiCaprio and McConaughey characters clung to the fact that they had an understandable personal motive – to save their children and return to them, which distinguishes them from the superficial and flat character of Washington. In these two films, an interesting concept was only a means of revealing the plot, its addition, and not its driving and fundamental force, as in ‘Tenet’.

    In general, I liked this film, I would like to recommend it for watching not only for Christopher Nolan fans, but also for fans of high-quality movies!