Review: Skyscraper

Ben Lott

Ben Lott has been a member of Flickchart since 2010, and is an avid contributor in the Flickcharters Facebook group. Ben seeks escapism, so he leans towards movies with a strong narrative, particularly in the action or sci-fi genre. You can find him on Flickchart as Blott.

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Wow, harsh. I get it though. For me, the film was a time killer and enjoyable enough. Some of Johnson’s near falls got me to gasp, and then chuckle to myself that the film fooled me, even for a brief moment, that he might die.

    The only thing I’d really disagree with here is that Neve Campbell is a damsel in distress. She holds her own in several situations and just because she is out-manned/gunned or leans on her husband for support, and she is female, doesn’t reduce her to this trope. I really enjoyed seeing her again in film and her character as a former Navy nurse and now loving mother and wife.

    • Ben Lott says:

      I guess I was just annoyed that they wrote Campbell out of the action so quickly. She had to fill the stereotypical dumb-with-electronics wife role, so that he could mansplain to her about turning things off and on. Even in her final confrontation she needs the police detective to run in and save her because she can’t take that woman on her own.