Reel Rumbles #34: “Kill Bill Volume 1” vs. “Kill Bill Volume 2”

Tom Clift

A freelance film journalist from Melbourne, Australia, Tom Clift is the co-founder of Movie Mezzanine and a regular contributor to outlets including FilmInk Magazine and Concrete Playground.

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3 Responses

  1. Colin Biggs says:

    That is an incredibly tough choice but Vol. 2 has Carradine’s Clark Kent/Superman line, which I love, so I go with Vol. 2

  2. Nigel Druitt says:

    Interesting that Volume 2 wins more rounds in your analysis, yet you award the battle to Volume 1.

    It is, in a way, almost silly to pit these two against each other, because you can’t watch one without the other, really. If Kill Bill were a single, shorter film, it might be one Tarantino flick that I actually legitimately liked. I have no desire to see The Whole Bloody Affair, because I just thought the two films were great sequences strung together by too much filler.

    When ranking them on Flickchart, I choose Volume 2 simply for the “buried alive” sequence, easily the best moment in both films. But overall, I don’t really care for either overmuch.